Waste paper recovery


Waste Paper Recovery Company

Proedit S.r.l. has shaped an activity that already existed before its establishment. Its purpose is to meet the supply of material from all paper operators and the demand from Paper Mills. Over the years it has managed to guarantee quality material to the major Paper Mills on the Italian territory and provide efficient services to its suppliers.

Part of the Waste Management Group

The companies and facilities that together with Proedit provide careful waste management, recovery and disposal services are Romana Maceri S.p.A., Ricrea, ProAmbiente and Ambiente e Risorse.

Of all of them, Proedit is the company with the most international footprint: through trading in MPS (secondary raw material) it has managed to connect with players outside the borders of Italy.


The AIM of Proedit

The main objective of our business is to facilitate the trade of waste paper, handling our customers’ orders in a short time.

Thanks to a deep-rooted presence in the area and a profound knowledge of the subject matter, we are able to diversify supply channels by being able to cope with various requests and specific needs, being able to guarantee constant orders and quick and always on-time service.

Our strength is precisely the combination of decades of experience and the marked dynamism of our method.

Proedit's certifications

Proedit acts in compliance with current national and international regulations. Request our certifications here.


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    Proedit's collaborations

    Over the years Proedit has built a solid network of collaborations to offer its clients a service that is always complete and efficient.

    This circle of relationships involves a series of specialized consortiums that guarantee special supply chains for the management of particular types of waste with the aim of rationalizing and organizing the collection, recycling and recovery of waste, according to criteria of effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

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