Recycling Paper

How does it work?

The process of recycling paper is articulated in different steps which creates a so called second raw material, essental for paper mills to create new products used in the mass market


Everything starts from the way you segregate waste.
There's a seconf life for almost every type of paper. Leave apart oiled paper or contaminated with paint or plastics.


Careful sorting ensures high quality of the final product. Therefore, we examine the collected material and then proceed with the separation of recyclable fiber from all items that are not.


The resulting paper goes through a machine that processes the pulp, making sheets with different thicknesses and sizes ready for new uses.

Why recycle?

Recycling paper makes it possible to counteract the environmental and economic impact by facilitating the processes of paper poduction.


Paper recycling is a process that avoids the increased need for landfills, resulting in lower costs and less environmental impact because it reduces the need for new virgin material, thereby reducing pollution and preserving natural resources.


The area of paper recycling and recovery is considered a strategic sector for the country and the EU so much so that in recent years it has been the protagonist of several initiatives that promote and support its existence and development.


The paper and paperboard industry in Italy is well developed: it has about 7 million tons produced in 2021, of which about 20% is exported.


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Given the centrality of the paper recycling process in our country, it is a must to mention the largest entities in Italy:

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